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Webpay online payment provider logo

Logotypes and branding
2051 04 / 08 / 2017

The Belarusian Webpay service makes it possible for customers to connect online payment and accept payments on the website, in the mobile application, social media, instant messengers, and even via email. The system processes the buyer’s payment data and provides for further safe interaction with the processing center of the acquiring bank.

Webpay logo design. All my payments.

Webpay identifies 8 groups of customers who their Internet payment system is suited for: (1) ticket offices; (2) charity; (3) sale of goods; (4) High-Risk; (5) agricultural/eco; (6) tourism; (7) digital services; (8) taxi and sharing.

Webpay logo idea and design, graphic sign construction scheme, and the font style for the company name.

The idea of the Webpay brand logo: the eight-pointed star symbolizes the 8 groups of customers listed above, while the rays diverging from the center in different directions are Internet payments that pass through the Webpay system in a centralized way and get distributed to bank accounts of the system’s clients.

Webpay online payment system logo.

Corporate color palette and corporate gradient of the Webpay Internet payment service.

The Webpay system has a set of separate services: Internet acquiring, connection to the Belarusian “Raschet” local payment system, online cash desk for legal entities, M-POS terminals, payments by individuals, and P2P, payment chatbot.

Logos of payment services within the Webpay online payment system. Internet acquiring and the payment chatbot logo.

A strict brand architecture system: the service logos are designed based on the Webpay brand logo. The font style in the service names corresponds to the font style of the primary logo, and the first letters of the names are characterized by the same elongated sharp tilt towards the brand logo.

Webpay Internet payment service logo design. P2P payments by individuals.

The font design of the title goes well with the geometry of the brand logo.

Webpay Internet payment service logo. P2P payments by individuals.

“Raschet” automated information system (Belarus) service logo. Single settlement and information space. Webpay.

Business card of a Webpay company employee.

Webpay employee business card and letterhead.

Webpay company letterhead for official letters.

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