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“Vitalia” farm coat of arms

Logotypes and branding
1614 07 / 03 / 2017

The objective was to design a coat of arms for the family agricultural business.

The Vitalia farm is named after the founder’s daughter. Its core business is dairy farming and wheat growing. The farmland is located in the village of Chernecha Sloboda (Sumy Oblast, Ukraine).

Farm coat of arms. Logo for the family agricultural business. Vitalia farm.

The mystery of the name, activity sector and geolocation are embedded in the idea of the family agribusiness’ coat of arms.

The idea of a coat of arms for the Vitalia agricultural business. The concept of a logo for the farm family business. The idea of a family coat of arms.

Corporate colors of the Vitalia farm. The color palette of the agricultural business’ logo.

Color and monochrome versions of the Vitalia farm logo. Agricultural business.

Coat of arms made of metal. Monochrome version. Vitalia farm family agrarian business.

The coat of arms, made of steel, looks very stylish. And using the technology of chemical etching of metal with a subsequent pouring of colored enamels, it is possible to produce bright badges for employees.

Metal badges in the form of the Vitalia farm logo. Chemical etching of metal, colored enamels.

Workwear design for employees at the Vitalia farm. Branded work jacket for the farm, front side.

Work uniform design for the Vitalia farm agricultural business. Branded work jacket for the farm, back side.

The design of the workwear is an important attribute of any agricultural business’ corporate identity.

Branded workwear for the farm. Vitalia agricultural farm.

The workwear of the Vitalia farm has a special color-coding. Workers of different workshops wear clothes of different colors, which facilitates staff control in a workshop. Retroreflective elements are attached to the work uniform to enhance labor safety.

Uniform for the farm’s workers. Vitalia agricultural farm.

The workwear design for Vitalia farm is based on the coat of arms’ geometry and contains its design elements. That is why the work uniform is entirely consistent with the family business’s corporate style.

Business card design for the agricultural business. Vitalia farm agrarian business.

The farm’s business card looks very bright due to PANTONE® inks and the screen printing method. At the same time, the coat of arms applied with transparent UV varnish adds sophistication.

Business card of the Chair of the Vitalia farm. Transparent, gloss UV varnish on white matte cardboard.

Business card for the family agribusiness. The transparent varnish effect.

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