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Universal Bank New Year deposits

Printing, outdoor advertising
1907 12 / 06 / 2018

Considering the success of the previous advertising campaign, Universal Bank decided to extend the cool deposits at the high-interest rate of up to 19 % per annum. And we decided to extend the advertising idea.

Character design for a bank’s advertising. An elderly rocker with a guitar and a Santa biker, illustration. A biker Santa Claus on a motorcycle.

The previously developed character—the cool elderly rocker—got dressed up in a biker jacket and sat on a Harley Davidson wearing a Santa cap and a beard.

Santa Claus on a motorcycle. A biker Santa Claus, illustration for advertising. Mascot design.

An advertising billboard of Universal Bank. A bank’s New Year advertising design. Cool deposits.

The Santa biker is in a hurry to deliver cool New Year’s Eve deposits from Universal Bank to everyone.

A New Year advertisement of Universal Bank. Cool deposits, creative poster illustration.

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