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Universal Bank cool deposits

Printing, outdoor advertising
2362 08 / 28 / 2018

The objective is to attract money to the bank by advertising deposits.

The maximum interest rate on deposits with Universal Bank increased from 18 % to 19 % per annum. Because of this, we developed the advertising slogan “Deposits are growing up” and pictured replacement of candles on the cake as an association with growing one year older (the deposit rate growth by 1 %).

An increase in interest rates on deposits. Deposits are growing up, Universal Bank advertising.

And considering that 19 % per annum in UAH is among the highest deposit rates in the market, we developed a second advertising slogan—“Really cool deposits”, and conveyed it with the image of a cool rocker.

Deposits with a high-interest rate in UAH. Cool deposits, a Universal Bank advertising billboard.

The maximum interest rate can be obtained as a bonus (premium) to the base deposit rate. Therefore, the logo of the advertising campaign was the phrase, “Where are my 19?” (sort of, give me that bonus).

Creative advertising of bank deposits. Illustrated advertisement of Universal Bank. Deposits are growing up.

On the third ad, the inscription “18+” is clearly visible, which symbolizes an increase vs. the previous interest rate, as well as corresponds in its meaning to the “Deposits, are growing up” slogan.

Creative advertising for a bank. Cool Universal Bank deposits, billboard design.

Active elderly people are protagonists of the advertising campaign, since the question “Where are my 19?” from them sounds as enjoyable nostalgia.

The logo of an advertising campaign to advertise Universal Bank deposits. Where are my 19, printed badges.

The advertising campaign logo on badges for the bank’s employees.

Illustrated advertising of bank deposits. Vivid illustrations in Universal Bank advertising, really cool deposits.

Due to the colorful illustrations and the well-thought-out idea, Universal Bank’s deposit advertising became the most recognizable banking advertisement in Ukraine. According to market research, consumers accurately identified the bank’s name based on the advertising layout without looking at the logo. While the inflow of deposits exceeded the bank’s expectations. The task was successfully completed!

An advertising poster for a Universal Bank branch. Creative poster design and cool deposits. An old rocker with a guitar.

An advertising character for Universal Bank. Mascot design, an old man with a tablet.

Drawing characters for the advertising campaign.

Character drawing. A tough old man, an elderly rocker, illustration for Universal Bank advertising. A pencil sketch.

An elderly rocker and a skateboarder granny.

Development of a character for a bank’s advertising. Mascot design. A cool granny with a skateboard, illustration and pencil drawing.

Illustration of a character for a bank’s advertising. An old lady with a skateboard and a grandma with a cake. Advertising of Universal Bank deposits.

A corporate character (mascot) for an advertising campaign, an elderly rocker, and an old man with a tablet illustration. Advertising of Universal Bank bank deposits.

Corporate characters for a bank’s advertising. Character design. Universal Bank cool deposits at a high-interest rate.

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