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Unight corporate character

Logotypes and branding
2345 09 / 03 / 2020

The Unight mobile app is a unique platform created in Shanghai that pools the best nightclubs and restaurants in the city: promotions, exclusive offers, night events, shared party planning with friends, VIP invitations, and reviews.

A party cat, DJ cat, and disco ball. The corporate character for the Unight mobile application.

The mobile app’s mascot is eponymous cat Unight—a cool party-goer and nightlife lover.

The cat with a fishing rod in a pool, the cat wearing glasses. Unight mobile app mascot.

In the framework of the project, a set of 12 stickers (sticker pack) for the mobile app was designed, which open up for the user as he/she attends parties, sends invitations, writes reviews, etc.

Telegram sticker pack design, achievement stickers for the Unight mobile application. Mascot Unight cat.

Achievements for the mobile app are used in parallel as Telegram stickers.

Animated stickers for Telegram. Sticker creation, design and development.

Sticker animation for Telegram.

The achievement (sticker) for adding one’s photo on the mobile application account.

The sticker (achievement) for writing more than 30 comments.

The sticker titled “Share some love”—for 100 hearts given in the mobile app.

The corporate character drawing. Unight mascot, a cat. A branded sticker.

The Unight corporate character design process.

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