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TOYOTA cardboard photo frames

Packaging, exhibitions, souvenirs
2096 10 / 18 / 2017

The customer—“Artcity” Toyota Center Kharkiv.
The stylish cardboard photo frames are used at corporate events and presentations of new TOYOTA car models. Guests of the events are awarded branded photo frames with the TOYOTA logo and their own photos.

TOYOTA cardboard photo frames (Toyota Center Kharkiv Artcity)

For the manufacture of the photo frames, binder cardboard is used (this process is referred to as lamination), so that the structure was rigid and stable.

Сardboard photo frames with logo TOYOTA

Photo frames with logo TOYOTA. Binder cardboard.

TOYOTA cardboard photo frames with UV varnishing (Toyota Center Kharkiv Artcity)

Glossy transparent UV varnish on a white matte surface creates a beautiful effect.

Company cardboard photo frames with logo TOYOTA. UV varnish.

The photo frames are a popular souvenir at corporate events. Let us remind you that we previously developed the designs and were responsible for the production of cardboard photo frames for Mercedes-Benz, the American Chamber of Commerce (including in the framework of 2012 UEFA Euro Cup), and McDonald’s.

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