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The wall decoration of children’s laboratory center SYNEVO

Packaging, exhibitions, souvenirs
2230 09 / 27 / 2016

SYNEVO medical laboratory has opened a special children’s center for its little patients, where their testing is much more fun and not scary at all. From our part, we’ve prepared colorful illustrations for the interior décor.

The children’s illustration for the interior decor of children’s laboratory center SYNEVO. A girl with a Hematogen bar. A boy with the microbe Jellybone.

A girl is eating a Hematogen bar, which is a sweet aftertaste of taken analyses. A boy is playing with a funny microbe Jellybone, who is a hero of souvenir magnets given to all children in SYNEVO.

Children’s laboratory center SYNEVO. The wall decoration. Children’s illustrations. A boy and a girl’s drawing. Hematogen bar. A painting on the wall.

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