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SYNEVO pack for test tubes with alcohol

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3643 11 / 16 / 2016

SYNEVO medical laboratory has prepared an unusual New Year’s present—test tubes with multi-colored liquids :)
For the packaging of such a creative present, we’ve developed a bright and funny cardboard tube. A seamless illustration is used in its design, thanks to which one can rotate a cardboard tube infinitely and enjoy it from any angle. Moreover, taking into account the filling of test tubes, there is a warning on the packaging: “Be careful! There is a liquid that leads to a holiday inside!” the idea of which is illustrated.

Cardboard tube packaging design and creative New Year’s present of the medical laboratory SYNEVO.

On the one side of the cardboard tube, people are making a snowman and doing ice-skating, but after a “warming” liquid, the ice between them melts, and a holiday becomes hot—this is another side of the cardboard tube.

A funny package for the tubes with alcohol. A bright seamless illustration. The gift SYNEVO cardboard tube.

A cardboard tube SYNEVO. A creative packaging of a New Year’s present. A corporate gift for New Year from the laboratory.

Creative packaging for New Year’s present (gift) of medical laboratory SYNEVO. Cardboard tube for alcohol.

Cardboard tube packaging for test tubes with alcohol. A creative New Year’s present from the medical laboratory SYNEVO.

A festive New Year wrapping. A gift cardboard tube packaging for alcohol. A New Year’s package SYNEVO design.

Test tubes with alcohol in a cardboard tube packaging. A gift from SYNEVO medical laboratory.

Test tubes with multi-colored alcohol from the medical laboratory SYNEVO. Fruity alcohol.

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