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SYNEVO infographics: taxes and population coverage

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1334 12 / 17 / 2016

The infographics clearly show how much taxes SYNEVO medical laboratory has paid to the state budget of Ukraine, and what can be purchased with that amount of money. The dynamics of SYNEVO’s tax payments year by year are separately shown.

Synevo tax payment. What possible to buy for taxes paid? School bus and ambulance car. The total amount of money paid by the medical laboratory to the budget and the dynamics of tax payments.

The second piece of infographics shows the medical laboratory’s coverage of the Ukrainian population and the total number of SYNEVO laboratory centers. The cities’ coordinates correspond to their position on the map, and the diameter of each circle is proportional to the number of people in each city—the larger circle, the greater population coverage by the medical laboratory.

Coverage of the population by Synevo medical laboratory in the cities of Ukraine. Penetration of the population. The total number of Synevo laboratory centers.

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