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Template for SYNEVO price list layout

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3505 07 / 17 / 2016

SYNEVO medical laboratory performs more than one and a half thousand types of tests, which compiled in a single price list. The price list is compiling by the staff of the medical laboratory, while we designed several templates for them and drafted a set of recommendations regarding the layout.

The layout template for the price list of SYNEVO medical laboratory

The tabular layout always requires particular thoroughness, therefore the price list template offered in a maximum number of various options (presence/absence of pictograms, long names, section headings, subheadings). We designed a price list content template for easy navigation.

The table of content layout template. SYNEVO medical laboratory price list.

The price list is photo-offset printed with PANTONE® colors in blue and yellow.

SYNEVO laboratory in numbers. Departments (sections) of the medical laboratory. The information spread inside the price list.

Information spread. SYNEVO in numbers, and departments of the medical laboratory.

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