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SYNEVO magnets for children, anniversary series

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1901 02 / 26 / 2017

Two years ago, we designed a series of ten characters—colorful and funny bacteria—for the SYNEVO medical laboratory. Each bacterium has its name, and every child who passes a test at SYNEVO receives a souvenir magnet with one of these lovely bacteria as a present. In 2017, SYNEVO medical laboratory celebrates its anniversary—10 years in Ukraine. On this occasion, all the ten characters were redesigned in line with the celebration theme and printed as a unique anniversary series of magnets.

Festive illustrations of microbes. Souvenir magnets for children from Synevo medical laboratory in Ukraine.

Funny and kind bacteria Pirate, Jellybone, Tummy, Kissy, Tendril, Twins, Sleepy, Bubble, Rainbow, and Comb.

Redesign of corporate characters. Funny microbes, illustrations of bacteria for children. Synevo laboratory souvenir magnets design.

Festive microbes transformation.

Festive design of magnets for children. Drawing microbes for the medical laboratory Synevo.

Corporate fridge magnets, the anniversary series. Synevo medical laboratory presents magnets to children.

SYNEVO festive logotype was explicitly designed for the magnets—10 years in Ukraine. The logo is applied to the souvenir magnets using gold foil stamping.

Funny illustration of bacteria. Souvenir fridge magnets for children from Synevo medical laboratory.

Each corporate character (mascot) of the medical laboratory has already been depicted on souvenirs four times: twice on magnets, and twice—on epoxy resin stickers. Unlike magnets, epoxy resin stickers designed in vector graphics.

Synevo medical laboratory mascot (corporate character) Pirate microbe. Magnets and epoxy resin stickers for children.

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