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The bathhouse “Svarozhych” name and logo

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3175 09 / 01 / 2016

“Svarozych” is a real bathhouse! Strongly knocked down wooden blockhouse paved with straw sheaves under the roof, will definitely dispel any thoughts about the nearness of the city life. Rough-hewn log walls, homespun rugs on the floor, a solid oak table with the samovar on it—it’s just like a picturesque scene from the past. It’s the love for ancient traditions that honors this bathhouse the name it has now. Svarozhych, an incarnate flame, is a pagan God admired by East Slavs. It is also considered to be the God of hearth and home. As well as at home, the flame burning in a bathhouse heats a sweat room, making hay bales, sheaves of sagebrush and pine branches fill up the air with a healing odor. The Flame in a bathhouse is the main element. That is where the name “Svarozhych” comes from.

The bathhouse Svarozhych logo. The logo of the recreation complex. Svarozhych is the God of fire. An ancient Slavic logo and font for the bathhouse.

The incarnate flame has become the main figure of the logo. The name of the bathhouse flaunts in its flames, written in the Ancient Slavonic font on a wooden base.

The Svarozhych bathhouse. Recreation complex. The monochrome logo for burning out and embroidery.

The monochrome logo is perfectly suitable to be burnt out on wood; meanwhile, a special mark of the word using for embroidery on fabric.

A wooden signboard with the bathhouse Svarozhych logo. A signboard above the gates.

Beautiful wooden signboards with the bathhouse logo welcome guests at the main gate and at the entry.

A wooden signboard. The Svarozhych bathhouse. A wooden blockhouse.

The logo embroidery on a towel. The Svarozhych bathhouse. A Russian steam room. A wood-heated bathhouse.

The bathhouse name embroidered on towels.

The logo embroidery on towels. The Svarozhych bathhouse.

Here, the logo embroidered on bathrobes.

The logo embroidery on bathrobes. The Svarozhych bathhouse.

However, “Svarozhych” is not only the sweat room and bathhouse brooms. A tea ceremony and a real Slavic feast await for all guests! If you wish, you can stay here for a night either. The restroom, where a headboard pushes against birch trunks, fascinates with its coziness.

The Svarozhych bathhouse. A natural wooden bedroom. A blockhouse. The logo embroidery on towels.

Tea ceremony and a real Slavic feast in the Svarozhych bathhouse.

Recreation complex Svarozhych. A bathhouse. An ancient Slavic logo and font. A signboard. Brooms for a bathhouse.

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