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Stradeks company website

Web design, mobile apps
1424 01 / 11 / 2019

Stradeks is a United Arab Emirates company specializing in trademark international registration and protection of intellectual property rights.

A copy of the website in the portfolio:

The website design uses elements of the company’s corporate identity: the corporate geometry and color palette. At the same time, the icon design is entirely consistent with the logo style.

Website development for a trademark registration company. Linear icons in web design. The desktop version of Stradeks website, main page.

Icons on the website are linear, mostly drawn with circles and lines tilted at 45°, as the Stradeks logo is.

Website design for the Arab Stradeks company. Advantages of the UAE, the desktop version of the website.

The desktop and mobile versions of the website.

Trademark registration in the UAE (Stradeks). Website design for a company in the United Arab Emirates.

Intellectual property rights. Design of the mobile version of the website for Stradeks company in the United Arab Emirates.

Design of the linear icons for the website. The mobile version of the Stradeks website.

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