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Stradeks logo and letterhead

Logotypes and branding
2002 11 / 14 / 2018

Stradeks company is based in the United Arab Emirates. The core specialization of the company is the registration of trademarks both in the UAE and globally (international TM registration).

Stradeks company logo.

The logo idea: S (the first letter of the company name) + the registered trademark sign ® + a round shape as a symbol of global coverage.

The Stradeks company logo idea. Logo design, international trademark registration.

The geometry of the Stradeks logo design. The logo of circles and lines. A compass and a ruler.

The logo is drawn using “a compass and a ruler”—in circles and lines.

Stradeks company corporate colors.

Corporate colors of the company.

The Stradeks company corporate color.

Stradeks company letterhead for official letters. The letterhead design.

The letterhead for official letters on the protection of intellectual property rights.

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