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SQLAB biohacking and health management clinic logo

Logotypes and branding
1993 12 / 12 / 2016

SQLAB clinic implements biohacking as mainstream in Ukrainian society, suggesting health management instead of disease management. Health can be measured and quantified, which means that it can be managed as a primary energy resource in order to improve it—this is the daily focus of the SQLAB clinic.

SQLAB clinic logo. Clinic for healthy people.

SQLAB is a clinic for healthy people.

Branding idea in the SQLAB clinic logo. Yin and Yang are a symbol of balance and harmony.

The name SQLAB stands for Self-Quantification Laboratory. The proprietary logo is composed of the S and Q letters, as well as the Yin and Yang symbol outlines, personifying balance and harmony because health is not only about the absence of diseases, it is an overall balance of physical, mental, and social well-being.

SQLAB clinic reception desk branding, and manufacture of the designer tabletop lamp in the shape of a logo.

We manufactured designer tabletop lamps in the form of the SQLAB logo, and the reception desk was nicely branded all along with the logo and the slogan.

A branded reception desk and a lamp in the shape of a logo. SQLAB is a clinic for healthy people.

Clinic reception with the logo SQLAB. Acrylic logotype on a metal base.

Corporate tabletop lamp in the form of the logo of the SQLAB clinic.

Interior of the clinic of biohacking and health management SQLAB.

Branded SPA area in the SQLAB clinic. Acrylic white logo on the wall and acrylic letters.

It is easy to brand walls on any premises of the clinic with the logo.

SQLAB clinic logo embroidery on a doctor medical coat. Medical procedures in the clinic for healthy people.

SQLAB clinic logo looks excellent both as embroidery on a doctor’s coat and as a sign on the building’s facade.

SQLAB clinic exterior signboard logo with backlight. Granite base and golden letters.

Stylish branded designer water bottle with SQLAB logo is an exclusive souvenir for clients and patients of the clinic.

A corporate souvenir—a stylish designer bottle of water—so that the clinic’s patients always and timely maintained the water balance of their body.

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