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An exhibition stand with Roche tests portfolio

Packaging, exhibitions, souvenirs
739 10 / 08 / 2016

Construction and installation of the Roche Diagnostics (cobas®) stand with a schematic image of sets (portfolio), which include clinical chemistry and homogeneous immunoassays tests, and also tests to work with blood serum.

The exhibition Roche Diagnostics stand. Cobas. 3D visualization. 3D model. Design of the exhibition stand. A medical laboratory stand.

Exhibition samples of laboratory diagnostic equipment are set up on a blue and white vertical table, under each of which, in special pockets, there are information leaflets with technical characteristics.

Roche clinical chemistry and homogeneous immunoassays test portfolio. The scheme of reagents.

The scheme has got the “metro of reagents” code name because of the way it looks to remind a Metro map a lot. Each point on the scheme has its backlighting.

A scheme with backlighting on the Roche Diagnostics exhibition stand. Metro of reagents. Tests portfolio.

Installation of the Roche Diagnostics exhibition stand. Backlight elements testing.

The exhibition stand is in the course of installation and backlight elements testing.

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