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The “Jar” from monobank

Web design, mobile apps
2064 06 / 01 / 2020

The objective is to develop a layout for online advertising of a new financial instrument from monobank.

The “Jar” is a funds accumulation service offering a set of unique benefits, which we decided to illustrate. The “Jar” can be opened directly in the monobank mobile application with a few clicks, and one can immediately load it.

Benefits of accumulating money in the “Jar” from monobank. Isometric advertising illustration. Deposit account advertisement in the bank mobile application.

Accumulate—this is the key idea of the service.

Share—the service supports joint funds accumulation. Each “Jar” has its unique link, which you can share with friends and relatives (or, more generally, with anyone) to accumulate money for your (or joint) goal together.

Customize—the “Jar” founder sets the desired amount and the accumulation goal, which he/she can change at any time.

Control—monobank provides detailed reports on all cash receipts to the “Jar”.

Money can be accumulated in UAH, USD, and EUR. It is also possible to load the “Jar” both from a UAH and from a foreign currency card, and any user can do this with a card of any bank. Moreover, monobank accrues interest on the balance.

Additionally, an animation in the vector JSON format was created for use on websites and in the mobile application.

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