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The black and white monobank cards

Printing, outdoor advertising
12329 11 / 23 / 2019

Objective number 1—to answer the question: Black and white monobank cards—what’s the difference?

Answer: The black one is a credit card, while the white one is a debit card.

The white monobank card and the black monobank card. A debit and credit cards VISA and Mastercard.

Objective number 2—to clearly explain what the difference between a credit and a debit card is.

The monobank debit card (white), in contrast to the credit (black) one, does not have a credit limit, i.e., it cannot have a negative balance.

The debit card, the white monobank card. 3D layout of the VISA and Mastercard cards. 3D plus made of plastic payment cards.

With the white monobank card, you will always be “net positive.” The debit card does not have a credit limit, and therefore it is ideally suited for settlements with one’s own funds.

mono cards. The VISA and Mastercard white and black monobank cards. The poster design for the bank’s office.

The contrasting design with payment cards in the format of several posters decorates the monobank office.

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