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3275 10 / 28 / 2019

The objective was to create cool advertising for a cool bank card!
IRON BANK is a separate premium product by creators of monobank—the first mobile bank in Ukraine.

The iron payment card is 16 grams of a unique alloy of steel combined with the highest level of care, security, and privacy. It is an exceptional set of privileges of two payment systems at once—two premium cards of the highest rank: World Elite Mastercard and Visa Infinite.

The iron throne and the IRON BANK metal card. The cat on the throne 3D visualization, the bank card and iron 3D letters. World Elite Mastercard and Visa Infinite.

The magazine’s spread lists an owner’s “iron-clad” arguments: free and unlimited access to more than 1,000 business lounges at airports around the world, free cash withdrawals abroad, free airline tickets by accumulating miles, insurance and discounts all over the world, and much more. A beautiful visualization of the unique IRON BANK metal card is also demonstrated.

Convert vector graphics to 3D model. Iron Bank monobank sticker cat on the iron throne.

The symbol of IRON BANK is monobank’s QR cat seating on an iron throne. We decided to model this sticker in 3D—thus, the monobank corporate character for the first time got represented in three-dimensional graphics.

Iron text 3D. Three-dimensional metal letters.

The IRON BANK iron card for an unlimited conquest of the world!

Order an Iron Bank metal card via the monobank mobile application. Advertising lightbox.

One can order an iron card via the monobank mobile application.

QR cat on the iron throne. Metal card IRON BANK (monobank). Advertising on the windows in the bank branch.

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