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Rebranding of the Estonian HIMBALT company

Logotypes and branding
1873 02 / 07 / 2019

The objective was to design a new logo and corporate style for a company that supplies petroleum products around the world.

Himbalt logotype.

The idea of the Himbalt logo, transportation of petroleum products. Font in the logo.

The idea of the special serif on the letter “H” is inspired by the silhouette of an oil tanker. A drop is inscribed into the shape of the letter “A”. It symbolizing oil and petroleum products, and to combine with this oil drop, the other letters are also rounded.

Font design for the logo Himbalt.

Drawing the font on the modular grid. The font for the Himbalt logo.

The principle of font construction for a corporate group’s logos.

The font design in the Himbalt Energy logo.

Himbalt Energy and Himbalt Trade corporate group logos.

Logos of a corporate group’s companies.

Signature geometry. Himbalt corporate graphic style.

The corporate geometry is uniform for the entire group. The design uses vertical, horizontal, or diagonal lines and solid plates. The tilt of the diagonal lines is determined by the letter “M” in the logo.

Color differentiation of Himbalt Energy and Himbalt Trade logos.

Color differentiation of companies in the corporate group.

Corporate colors of the Himbalt Trade petroleum products transporting company.

Corporate colors.

Clear space of the logo. The registration mark as external element in the Himbalt logo.

The logo’s clear space and minimum indent from the layout edges.

Himbalt corporate geometry, an example of using proprietary geometry.

An example of using corporate geometry.

Signature geometry, example of using. Himbalt corporate graphic style.

The style of Himbalt corporate illustrations.

The style of corporate illustrations.

A tank truck, linear illustration. A linear drawing of the Himbalt Energy rail tank car for transportation of petroleum products.

Linear illustrations are used in both print and electronic layouts, including in the corporate presentation.

A railway tank car, linear illustration. A linear drawing of the Himbalt Trade tank truck for transportation of petroleum products.

Vector illustrations in the website design. Himbalt website home page.

Use of linear vector illustrations in the design of the website main page.

Mobile version of the Himbalt website, petroleum product transportation, linear vector illustrations.

The office sign design. A glass plate with the Himbalt Trade logo.

A stylish glass sign with the logo at the entrance to the company office.

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