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HIMBALT company illustrated presentation

Printing, outdoor advertising
1343 03 / 23 / 2017

HIMBALT’s business domain is the oil product market. The company supplies base oils and lubricants to various countries by sea, rail, and freight. The presentation visually illustrates information about the company, the geography of its supplies and contracts, transport solutions, types of containers for transporting lubricants, and the tanker characteristics in the ports of the Black and Baltic Seas.

A stylish presentation about the company Himbalt. Who we are.

For presentation binding, a black metal spring was used.

Himbalt company presentation design. Direct contract with base oils producers.

Sea tanker, railway tank car, and containers for oil products. Illustrations in the Himbalt presentation.

Illustrations and characteristics of sea tankers in the Himbalt company presentation.

Black metal spring binder. Himbalt company presentation design, base oils supply map.

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