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HIMBALT container box

Packaging, exhibitions, souvenirs
1955 11 / 24 / 2018

The objective was to design a creative gift box for chocolates.

We decided to develop a thematic package design. The HIMBALT company operates in the petroleum product market and supplies base oils. One of the delivery methods is container shipment. That is why the design of the box for chocolates is styled as a shipping container.

Creative packaging for chocolates, a container box. Gift package design for Himbalt company.

A creative box shaped as a container. Packaging design for Himbalt chocolates.

An ISO container made of cardboard. A container box for packing chocolates. Himbalt.

A cardboard container box for chocolates. A gift package for Himbalt company.

The design of packaging construction and printing of the boxes was also done by ROYAL ART.

The creative chocolates packaging design. A transport container made of cardboard. Himbalt gift packaging.

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