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Corporate style of the Healthy and Happy private clinic

Logotypes and branding
2168 07 / 23 / 2020

Healthy and Happy is a chain of medical centers for adults and children.

Healthy and Happy logo of a private clinic.

The logo represents the abbreviation H&H (Healthy and Happy) with two medical crosses graphically inscribed in it as an association with medicine, and the plural indicates the presence of several medical centers—a chain.

The idea of the logo for Healthy and Happy medical centers. Creating the logo on the modular grid.

The updated logo is designed on a modular grid with strict observance of all proportions, radii, and angles.

Selection of corporate colors and the principle of making the corporate gradient.

The primary and secondary brand colors form the corporate gradient.

The corporate medical background for the Healthy and Happy clinic’s presentation.

The corporate background is entirely consistent with the logo drawing style, and the symbols of medicine are visually readable in it.

Medical presentation slide design for the Healthy & Happy clinic.

The medical background is excellent for the clinic’s presentation slides and can also be used in print ads together with corporate icons.

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