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Icons for the Healthy and Happy website

Web design, mobile apps
2306 07 / 31 / 2020

Designing icons for a website is not such a minor assignment as it might seem when looking at the size of an icon. In fact, an icon also presents the company. It is a “logo” of a specific section on the website offering particular goods/services of the company. Therefore, the icon design must comply with the corporate graphic style.

Icons design by a modular grid. Branded icons Healthy and Happy private clinic.

The principle of constructing a logo on a modular grid was taken as a basis for the development of the icons’ design, due to which they fully correspond to the clinic’s corporate style and look as an organic whole with it.


The branded Healthy and Happy icons are drawn using “pixel art”, and by highlighting certain “pixels” in the corporate blue color, the clinic’s logo can be recognized in the icon. I.e., an icon is not only designed within the corporate style and color scheme, but it is also beautifully and subtly branded.

Full range of medical services icon. Corporate medical icons pixel art.

Full range of medical services. The most popular icon for health is heart, while for medicine, it is cross. Both of these symbols are combined in the icon.

Remote doctor consultation icon. Brand medical icons pixel art.

Remote consultations. Consultations are speech, and speech is associated with a speech bubble. And since the consultations are supposed to be on medical topics, the speech bubble contains medical crosses, among which one can also recognize the logo of the Healthy & Happy clinic—the abbreviation HH.

Icons design in pixel art. Branded icons. Medical icons for the clinic Healthy and Happy.

All the icons are built by cells in an 11×11 field. Thanks to it, they are mutually comparable by size and can be arranged in one row or one column.

Icons for the website of the clinic Healthy and Happy. Modern medical icons. Patient’s personal account, online payment for services, cooperation with the International Organization for Migration.

Different types of icons can be perfectly combined in any order. The icons are easy to read—in both large and small sizes.

Medical icons pattern. Design of the icons for private clinic Healthy and Happy.

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