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Formula Coffee: the logo and branded cups

Logotypes and branding
2251 11 / 23 / 2018

The Formula Coffee chain of street coffee shops operates based on the Drive-Thru system—a client places an order and receives coffee without leaving his/her car. The speed of servicing like at Formula 1.

The logo of the chain of coffee houses Formula Coffee.

The logo is vibrant and bold, with a reference to Formula 1, and its fitting up is as precise as that of a racing car.

Coffee shop logo design. Formula Coffee.

Drawing a logo on a modular grid. The dynamic Formula Coffee logo.

The tilt of the grid lines adds dynamics to the logo.

The dynamic logo of the coffee house Formula Coffee. The vibrant logo on the plate.

The logo on the corporate plate.

A branded cardboard coffee cup with the logo Formula Coffee.

The signature coffee cup design.

The stylish design of the coffee cup Formula Coffee.

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