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How to avoid colorectal cancer development

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1852 11 / 01 / 2020

NGO EuropaColon Ukraine published a special brochure for family doctors on colorectal cancer. The goal of the project is to convey information about this disease to patients via their doctors and to explain how important timely diagnosis (screening) of colorectal cancer is.

The brochure’s cover design. Large intestine vector illustration. Colorectal cancer. EuropaColon Ukraine.

The cover design and brochure layout—by ROYAL ART.

Template for brochure layout, spread template. Prevalence of colorectal cancer in Ukraine and globally.

Infographic design, brochure page spread. Factors in development of colorectal cancer.

The brochure design. How to avoid CRC development? Colorectal cancer screening, screening algorithms.

The electronic version of the brochure contains animation (video cover).

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