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Dialogue Diagnostics logo and corporate style

Logotypes and branding
2742 02 / 19 / 2018

Due to the Dialogue Diagnostics company, diagnostic equipment by global leaders becomes affordable to every medical facility in Ukraine. The company always looks for optimal solutions for medical laboratories: be it selling, rental, maintenance of diagnostic equipment, or staff training.

Dialogue Diagnostics is always about an effective dialogue with every client.

Dialogue Diagnostics logotype.

The logo idea comprises the corporate slogan “Dialogue with every client” (two speech bubbles shaping a dialog) and the Dialogue Diagnostics company name (it is symbolized by the abbreviation of the Latin letters “DD”).

Logotype idea for Dialogue Diagnostics company. Dialogue with every client.

Principle of logo design by modular grid. Dialogue Diagnostics.

Logo design by the modular grid.

Corporate colors and corporate gradient, design principles. Dialogue Diagnostics.

The corporate gradient and corporate colors.

The logo of a company in the laboratory diagnostics sector. Dialogue Diagnostics.

The logo’s application against color backgrounds and clear space of the logo.

Color and monochrome versions of the logotype Dialogue Diagnostics.

Exhibition stand design. Dialogue Diagnostics stand for a medical exhibition.

The geometry of the logo and blue square formed the basis for the design of the Dialogue Diagnostics exhibition stand, which was recognized with an award from the exhibition organizers.

Dialogue Diagnostics branded business cards.

Business card design for Dialogue Diagnostics company.

The blue square has become an element of the company’s graphic style: it is used in the design of business cards, it is printed on the letterhead, and placed in corners of the QR code.

The letterhead design. An example of the text layout on the Dialogue Diagnostics letterhead.

QR code design. Branded QR code with logo Dialogue Diagnostics.

The branded QR code with the Dialogue Diagnostics logo.

Design of the branded pen. The blue metal pen with the laser engraved logo Dialogue Diagnostics.

A corporate souvenir—blue metal pen with the logo. The layout demonstrates the strict principle of the pen’s branding.

Design of a certificate of achievement for staff. The certificate of achievement template. Dialogue Diagnostics.

The layout of a certificate of achievement for the company’s employees.

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