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Product catalog “Ye-Vse!” (There is everything!)

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1759 10 / 21 / 2020

Customer—Business Tuning Center LLC

“Ye-Vse!” (There is everything!) is a joint project of the VISA payment system and Alfa-Bank, the goal of which is to make dozens of thousands of goods and popular financial services available to rural residents. Our tasks included cover design and layout of the “Ye-Vse!” (There is everything!) catalog.

Cover design for the “Ye-Vse!” (There is everything!) catalog. A catalog of goods and financial services. VISA and Alfa-Bank.

Buy and withdraw cash at the checkout in COOP stores. Promotional goods every day!

The first spread of the “Ye-Vse!” catalog of goods (There is everything!) catalog. The spread design.

COOP stores have turned into true Internet commerce and financial service centers. “Ye-Vse!”—now there is everything in the village!

Product catalog, template for catalog layout. The spread design. Household goods and tools. Ye-Vse! (There is everything!)

Template for catalog layout. The spread design and catalog layout. Goods for children. Ye-Vse! (There is everything!)

Product catalog, layout template. Household appliances and electronics spread of the catalog. Ye-Vse! (There is everything!)

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