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Brand, M.D. book cover

Printing, outdoor advertising
2342 12 / 03 / 2019

A professional doctor should not only treat diseases but also build on his/her own image—develop a doctor’s brand in perception of the public.

By the authors of the two volumes of “Doctors, Earn!”—the new “Brand, M.D.” book. The book teaches the art of selling medical services, developing a client base, and building a reputation as a successful doctor. It contains the answer to the key question: How can one treat expensively?

Brand M.D. book. Doctor Brand. A golden bust of Hippocrates, 3D model. Book cover design, front side.

The cover design idea: The most famous physician is Hippocrates. Glossy magazines write about expensive brands, so the book cover is designed in the style of a glossy fashion magazine titled Brand, M.D. (Medical Doctor). While the high selling price of medical services is expressed with a golden bust of Hippocrates with a price tag next to it.

Brand M.D. and Doctors, Earn! books. Yuriy Chertkov and Valeriy Kidon, Medical Marketing Agency.

Covers of the books “Brand, M.D.” and “Doctors, Earn!”

Brand M.D. book. Doctor Brand. Medical Marketing Agency, Yuriy Chertkov and Valeriy Kidon. Synevo laboratory. The back cover.

Medical Marketing publishing house. The book was published with the support of the SYNEVO medical laboratory.

Brand M.D. book. Doctor Brand. Cover design by Royal Art.

Cover design by ROYAL ART.

To the super designer for the super cover from the authors! An acknowledgment inscription on the flyleaf of the book.

The acknowledgment inscription: “To the super designer for the super cover from the authors!” (Yuriy Chertkov and Valeriy Kidon).

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