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Exclusive Christmas tree decorations from Altbank

Packaging, exhibitions, souvenirs
1917 12 / 25 / 2016

The handmade glass Christmas balls made based on our design turned out a wonderful present for JSC Altbank VIP customers. The glassblower used two types of glass: transparent and blue ones (Altbank’s corporate color).

Exclusive handmade Christmas toy. Glass Christmas ball as a New Year’s gift to Altbank bank VIP customers.

A Christmas tree made of blue glass is placed inside the transparent ball—it looks like magic since the glass ball is finished on all sides. The glassblower’s craft is genuinely magical—absolutely all of the bank’s customers loved the handmade Christmas decorations.

Blue glass Christmas tree inside a transparent glass ball. The magic craft of glassblower.

Laser engraving on glass was the second step in the production of the exclusive Christmas-tree decorations. The Christmas balls were decorated with “frosty” patterns and painted with blue paint.

Handmade designer Christmas tree toy. Laser engraving on glass and painting on glass. New Year decorations as a gift for Altbank bank customers.

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