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Altbank: a plywood wine box

Packaging, exhibitions, souvenirs
4354 03 / 29 / 2018

The objective was to pack a bottle of wine.
Considering the small number of bottles, we decided to make plywood boxes for the wine. If the number of copies is small, laser engraving on plywood is more cost-effective than offset printing on cardboard.

The plywood wine box with the Altbank logo. Gift packing.

A triangular ornament is cut by laser on the front wall, and it fully corresponds to the geometry of the Altbank corporate sign. The sign is also laser cut on the plywood.

Plywood gift box for a bottle of wine. Design of an ornament for the Altbank plywood box.

On the sidewalls, there is a laser engraved logo. On the top—a lace handle.

The lace handle. The lace handle on the plywood box for a bottle of wine.

The plywood box for wine with logo Altbank.

The laser engraved logo on plywood. The plywood box with the Altbank logo.

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