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Altbank smartphone-booklet

Printing, outdoor advertising
1547 02 / 08 / 2018

The objective was to inform new clients of Altbank that now they have their own bank in their smartphones.

Altbank smartphone booklet.

A booklet in the form of a smartphone. Bank booklet design.

The booklet design is executed in the form of a smartphone. The information booklet is distributed to every new client of the bank. The smartphone-booklet speaks about functionalities of the Altbank Private mobile application and about how one can order a credit card with the Altbank telegram bot.

A smartphone-shaped booklet. Layout of the Altbank booklet.

A booklet about the Altbank mobile application.

Altbank own bank in a smartphone. A smartphone booklet.

A fanfold booklet in the form of a smartphone. Bank information booklet.

Bank information booklet about the Altbank Private mobile application.

A smartphone booklet about how to order a credit card in a telegram chatbot.

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