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New design of Altbank payment cards

Printing, outdoor advertising
2858 08 / 14 / 2020

The objective was to design a new line of Altbank payment cards.

Altbank business card. The isometric design of the Mastercard payment card.

The Business Card is a corporate payment card. It is issued for company employees going on a business trip to address certain business objectives.

Isometric drawing. Isometric grid design, Altbank isometric logo.

We developed a unique, isometric design for the Business Card. In the center of the composition, there is a corporate sign from the Altbank logo. While the isometric illustration as such symbolizes a metropolis from a bird’s eye view—a view of skyscrapers as a symbol of businesses.

The Altbank credit card. The credit card design, Pantone gradients pre-press.

The credit and debit card designs also include a 3D bank symbol, and the correctly selected gradients from PANTONE® colors create a beautiful print result.

The Altbank debit card. The bank card design, metallic Pantone ink.

Debit cards are printed with blue metallic ink.

Mastercard debit and credit cards. Altbank bank card design.

The debit and credit cards differ by colors.

Altbank Platinum. Premium platinum card, black plastic and foil. Payment card design.

The Platinum cards are printed on foiled black plastic. The silver foil adds a beautiful mirror effect to the corporate sign, while the multi-directional gradients make it multi-faceted.

Altbank Platinum premium card design. Printing on foiled plastic.

The Platinum card looks very expensive and high-status.

Altbank Mastercard Platinum and the corporate payment Business Card from Altbank.

The premium Platinum card and the Business Card from Altbank.

Bank cards design and pre-press. Altbank Mastercard plastic cards.

A new line of Altbank payment cards.

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