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New Year’s present for the bank’s clients

Packaging, exhibitions, souvenirs
1952 12 / 15 / 2020

12 Herbs liqueur is a great present for boosting the immune system! And to make this gift a corporate one, we designed a branded label.

12 Herbs bitter liqueur, the corporate label design. A present for Altbank clients.

The label design emphasizes the shape and style of the bitter liqueur bottle.

Liqueur bottle label design. Craft design, the Altbank corporate present label.

The idea of the corporate present is explained on the tag.

A bottle tag with greetings. The bitter liqueur bottle label and tag design for bank Altbank.

“A healing and pleasant present that will help you boost your immune system in order to preserve the most valuable thing—your health. Epidemics will pass, but care remains forever. As well as our care for your finances.”—Your Altbank.

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