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Altbank corporate cake

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2517 07 / 14 / 2020

The objective was to congratulate Altbank employees on the bank’s birthday in a tasty and beautiful manner.

An exclusive birthday cake for the bank.

The key issue regarding corporate cakes, photos of which can be found on the Internet, is that they have no design. Most confectioners take any cake from their collection and just stick company X’s logo on it, but it could just as well be the logo of company Y, and it doesn’t matter if the logo is green or red, round or square.

We set ourselves the goal of developing an exclusive cake design for the bank so that it was a truly Altbank corporate cake, and nobody else’s. The design is based on the layout of the chocolate packaging from the “20 Flavors for 2020” project, which turned out a great success.

The layout of the chocolate packaging and Altbank cake design.

In the center of the composition is Altbank sign, and the rest of the geometry (shapes and angles of the lines) matches it. Altbank’s corporate geometric figure is a triangle. That is why the design of the chocolate packaging consists of triangles, and we also transferred them to the cake as the dominant geometric figure; moreover—it is cast from chocolate.

The corporate cake with the Altbank logo. The cake scheme for confectioners. The cake design for the bank’s corporate party.

The cake design developed with engineering precision. The bank’s corporate cake lined up to the smallest detail. Angles of the triangles correspond to tilts of the lines in the Altbank logo. At the same time, the circles serve as an additional element—to diversify the design and echo the shape of the macarons decorating the cake.

The corporate cake with the Altbank logo. Cake 3D model.

We modeled the finished cake design in 3D graphics. The bank liked the design so much that they ordered several cakes.

Picking up the color of the cake’s confectionery icing. Corporate cake design.

The color palette falls under the brand book. Professional confectioners mixed the color of the icing for the cake that we needed online.

Designer cakes for a company’s birthday. The Altbank corporate cake.

The finished cakes were delivered to the bank’s office at the due time and were eaten with a lot of pleasure during the corporate party.

A cake for Altbank’s corporate party. Exclusive design.

An exclusive cake for bank birthday.

Macarons and geometric shapes made of chocolate on the cake.

Designer cake with the logo. Altbank.

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