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Altbank design Christmas tree

Packaging, exhibitions, souvenirs
2273 12 / 18 / 2018

A unique and stylish handmade New Year’s present for JSC Altbank VIP clients. Based on the designer’s sketches, the Christmas tree is made of mirror silvery metal and decorated with miniature Christmas tree decorations of the Altbank corporate color.

The metal Christmas tree and Christmas decorations in the corporate color.

Corporate Christmas tree made of metal and Christmas toys.

Handmade metal Christmas tree and corporate color Christmas balls. Chrome and dark blue.

Chemical etching of metal and electrotyping (galvanoplasty). Logo on metal. New Year’s design gift from Altbank.

The bank’s logo is applied by chemical metal etching.

Logo on metal. New Year’s gift of bank Altbank. Exclusive Christmas tree.

Metal Christmas tree, top view. Designer corporate Christmas tree.

Chrome Christmas tree. Mirror metal. Designer New Year’s gift.

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