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Altbank chocolate logo

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510 12 / 13 / 2017

The objective was to come up with a New Year’s present for JSC Altbank customers.
Under a custom order, a sculptor produced a cast in the shape of Altbank’s corporate symbol (a graphic sign from the bank’s logo). Further on, confectioners used it to cast the bank’s symbols, as if ingots of precious metals, from expensive Belgian premium quality chocolate. Each Altbank corporate symbol cast in chocolate was wrapped in silver foil and packed in an exclusive box made of designer cardboard with an individually designed lodgment.

The chocolate logo in the box. Altbank New Year’s present.

Bank’s chocolate logo casting for a New Year’s present from Altbank. The chocolate logo in foil and inside the designer cardboard box.

The designer cardboard box for chocolate with Altbank’s logo.

The box with a lodgment for chocolate. Altbank New Year’s present packing.

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