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Slogan, logo and the interior of Altbank

Logotypes and branding
3129 10 / 07 / 2016

Tasks: design a logo, create a slogan, and issue the interior of a bank branch.
Altbank is an innovative alternative to traditional banking with a modern complex of products and services for business. Altbank is more than a bank. This phrase has become the slogan of this financial institution.

The Altbank logo. Altbank is more than a bank. Slogan (motto).

The banking slogan has embodied into the logo as a mathematical sign. The logotype reads this way “Alt means it’s more than a bank”, symbolizing the fact that Altbank is more than just traditional banking. A stylized mathematical greater-than sign has become a corporate symbol of the bank.

The corporate image of Altbank. Bank branches Altbank. Posters in the interior.

Thanks to the reliability and technological effectiveness of the Altbank, one can use its services from all over the world—corporate images of the bank branch interior speak of it.

World map with the logo. An acrylic wall map. Transparent acryl. The Altbank bank.

The idea of globalization additionally emphasized by an acrylic world map on the wall. A transparent acryl is pasted over by inscriptions that characterize the Altbank. Also, branding elements used in the design of an ATM.

The bank branch interior design. The Altbank ATM. A transparent world map on the wall. Design of the Altbank ATM.

The logo application on the door glass. A glass wall clock with the Altbank logo. A meeting room in the branch of Altbank.

The door to the meeting room. The logo application on glass produces a beautiful play of light and shadow. There is a huge glass clock on the wall with the bank logo and the globe outline, which again emphasizes the idea of globalization.

Bank business card design. Screen printing of Altbank business cards.

Finally, corporate cards and blank for formal letters are an integral part of any corporate identity.

Design of Altbank letterheads. Business blank. An individual legal entity of stock company Altbank’s stamp design. An official round stamp of the bank. A stamp with the bank logo.

And we additionally created the original design of a stamp for the legal entity JSC Altbank.

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