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20 flavors of Altbank chocolate

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3302 12 / 20 / 2019

Client—JSC Altbank.
The assignment is to develop an exclusive New Year present for the bank’s customers and employees.

We resumed the great chocolate tradition, having supplemented it with the magic of numbers. For the upcoming 2020, we came up with 20 unique and sophisticated chocolate flavors. The idea of the New Year’s present is accordingly titled “20 Flavors for 2020”. Each flavor is a separate bar of chocolate, large enough to get the taste of it, and even to share it with a loved one.

20 flavors of chocolate for 2020. Exclusive chocolate, special recipe. Unique flavors of chocolate. Chocolate gift Altbank.

Five chocolate types are combined with two dozen different fillings: milk chocolate with caramel flavor and white sesame seeds, white chocolate with rose petals, dark chocolate with a slice of dried persimmon, milk chocolate with a slice of fig, and lots of other flavors are included in this exclusive gift set.

White chocolate with rose petals, milk chocolate with strawberries, white chocolate with orange, black chocolate with pistachios. Gift Altbank.

Milk chocolate with figs, white chocolate with dried apricots, cranberries, dark chocolate with prunes, banana, persimmon, salted caramel. Gift Altbank.

For chocolate packaging, a unique box design consisting of three tiers and cardboard inserts was developed. The box opens like a fan.

Exclusive Chocolate Packaging. 20 tastes for 2020. 20 types of chocolate. Fan shape box, chocolate packaging design, unusual design. Gift Altbank.

Unusual beautiful box for chocolate. Blue silver Pantone 8201, silver foil, holniten, fan shape packaging, geometric design with geometric illustration, Swedish design for Altbank bank.

On the upper level (the darkest one), there are all tastes based on dark chocolate; on the middle one—those based on milk one; in the bottom (the lightest one)—on white chocolate. On cardboard inserts, all the flavors are numbered and signed with a rationale for why one needs to eat this chocolate. For example, dark chocolate with roasted coffee beans and ground cardamom—for inexhaustible energy and drive.

Fan shape box for chocolates and sweets. Dark chocolate with persimmon, chocolate with coffee and cardamom, chocolate with banana, goji berries, prunes, milk chocolate with cashews. Gift Altbank.

Idea and packaging design, fan shape box and the refined taste of chocolate. Palette of chocolate flavors Altbank.

The beautiful, unique packaging of chocolate and sweets. Pantone fan with chocolate. Chocolate packaging design Altbank.

Milk, white, black chocolate with a unique recipe. Packaging design, design box for chocolate and candies bank Altbank.

Packaging design is a geometric illustration with stylized Christmas elements: Christmas trees, frosty patterns, and snow. All lines and angles follow the geometry of the Altbank logo trademark, which is why the illustration blends perfectly with the bank’s logo, and the packaging design looks incredibly corporate.

Chocolate packaging, Pantone 8201 blue silver, fan with holniten, stylish modern geometric design and illustration, Swedish design and style, geometry in design for Altbank bank.

The packaging palette: dark blue, cold blue metallic (these are Altbank’s signature colors), white background, and silver foil—all these fit perfectly into the winter landscape. And to make it even more beautiful, a geometric frosty ornament was also applied on the white background with a transparent, glossy varnish.

Exclusive box of chocolate, Pantone 8201 blue silver, UV varnish gloss glitters, transparent varnish on a white background with silver foil and holniten. Fan, geometric design illustration, Swedish style design geometry for Altbank.

Exclusive chocolate packaging. Box with silver holniten, modern and fashionable design. Geometric illustration, corporate packaging design, New Year bank gift. Paper bag, cardboard bag Altbank.

The boxes of chocolate are put in a beautiful paper bag of the appropriate size and design.

Exclusive and unusual New Year gift, a sweet tasty gift of Altbank. Chocolate 20 flavors for 2020. Packaging design, cardboard bag with satin ribbons. Fan shape box with holniten.

Exclusive box with chocolate in the package. 20 tastes for 2020. Chocolate packaging design. Printing of chocolate packaging for bank Altbank.

Exclusive packaging of chocolate, sweets, candies. Gift box, Pantone fan with chocolate. 20 flavors of chocolate for 2020 Altbank.

Dark chocolate with chili pepper and cocoa beans, white chocolate with raspberries, chocolate with coffee, Brazil nut. Gift Altbank.

Chocolate background mix: white, black and milk chocolate and unique fillings. Chocolate with raspberries, dried cranberries or a slice of orange, chocolate with salted pistachios, strawberries or rose petals. 20 flavors for 2020.

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