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2365 09 / 09 / 2020

The objective was to design a corporate character for JSC Altbank.

Alt is a super tech robot living in the digital world of finance. He does multitasking and is able to help all the bank’s clients in any non-standard situations. The robot’s face is a three-dimensional spherical display, on which Alt visualizes information—in particular, his emotions—to appear more human.

Altbank’s corporate character—robot Alt. The vector robot, the 3D model of the robot.

The robot’s drawing, vector illustration, and 3D model.

Development and design of a corporate character for the bank. 3D robot visualization (render). Altbank.

The bank’s corporate character—robot Alt—from different perspectives.

Vector animation for the bank’s mobile application was drawn (in JSON format) based on the rotating 3D model.

Bank mascot sketches. The robot design, shape selection. The robot for Altbank, drawing versions of the robot.

The design of the corporate character for the bank was started with sketches. The competition involved 13 robots. Sketch number 6 won.

The flying robot Alt. Altbank corporate character. Robot illustration.

A more detailed illustration of the Altbank mascot.

Robot modeling. Developing a robot for Altbank, 3D graphics.

The process of the corporate character’s 3D modeling.

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