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ALEANZA corporate graphic style

Logotypes and branding
1777 06 / 19 / 2016

ALEANZA company creates IT infrastructures for businesses and automates business accounting using the 1C: Enterprise software. We drew the new font style for the company’s name (the graphic sign in the logo remains unchanged) and designed a basic corporate product set.

ALEANZA logo font design.

The business card design turned out the most outstanding element of the graphic style.

Business cards, orange. Vivid ALEANZA business cards. 1C Enterprise. 1C Accounting.

ALEANZA business card design. The CEO’s business card. A manager’s business card. Stencil screen printing.

A nice effect is created with UV varnish.

Business card design. UV varnish. Selective varnishing. ALEANZA.

Notepad design. ALEANZA corporate notepad. Cover.

The notepad design turned out no less vivid.

Notepad page design. ALEANZA spiral notepad. Two-page spread.

Envelope design. Euro envelope, E65, DL. ALEANZA corporate envelope.

Company’s envelope and cover design for the corporate Facebook page.

Facebook cover design. ALEANZA corporate cover with a 3D logo for the Facebook page. We make complex things simple.

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