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AAT creative desktop calendar

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3727 12 / 20 / 2016

Advanced Agricultural Technologies (AAT) company supplies machinery and equipment for dairy farming to Ukrainian farmers. As a New Year’s gift, the company offers a beautiful creative calendar to its customers. Just like the last year, we used the image of a cow as a symbol of dairy farming. The designer drew a polygonal illustration in view of all the technical specifications for laser cutting and bending acrylic.

Creative desktop calendar Advanced Agricultural Technologies (aat). Cow as a symbol of dairy farming. Stylish acrylic stand for calendar sheets and note papers.

The calendar is a 3D acrylic stand in the shape of a cow, on which calendar sheets—individual cards printed on thick designer cardboard—are set.

Desktop calendar of unusual shape. Polygonal figure of a cow. 3D creative stand in the shape of a cow for calendar sheets.

Stylish calendar. Machinery and equipment for dairy farming. Laser cutting acrylic.

Acrylic base for the calendar Advanced Agricultural Technologies (aat). Creative designer calendar with changeable sheets. Acrylic calendar.

Creative calendar with replaceable sheets. An eternal calendar that can be used for many years. Stylish calendar grid printed on designer cardboard.

Each month, one sheet is removed from the calendar. After 12 months, when the calendar sheets are exhausted, one can put a new calendar set for the next year on the stand, or the nice acrylic cow can be used as a stand for note papers.

Acrylic cow — stand for desktop calendar. Black acrylic and clear acrylic, a stylish combination in a universal calendar with replaceable sheets. Universal business souvenir.

The combination of the black, white, and transparent makes the calendar an incredibly stylish business souvenir. The calendar’s idea and design were rated the 4th at the Kyiv International Advertising Festival (KIAF).

Stylish, versatile and useful business souvenir. Creative desktop calendar with replaceable sheets. Universal paper stand.

An alternative version of the stand made as a single copy (handmade):

Handmade paper stand in the shape of a goat. Wooden base and metal goat. Polygonal figure made of metal bars.

The goat, as the second symbol of dairy farming, is set on a wooden base. The 3D polygonal shape of the goat is curved and assembled from thin metal rods using spot welding.

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