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The logo of the Polish company “A”

Logotypes and branding
2186 10 / 29 / 2018

Description of the logo idea: the company’s name consists of only one letter, but this letter stably occupies the first position in the alphabet, which means that the logo should be shaped as a stable letter “A”.

The logo of the Polish company “A”. A one-letter logo.

Strict geometry of the logo. Drawing letter A.

The letter “A” is drawn in strict geometric proportions, with sharp angles at the base and a small stylish serif at the top. The ellipse form serves as a podium for the letter, which adds stability to the logo and adds perspective.

Corporate colors of the Polish company “A”.

A logo of one letter “A”. The first letter of the alphabet, color.

The logo of the company “A”. Monochrome version.

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